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Product and Services


We are offering a complete Internet Wireless Solution for businesses in Montreal. Our fully managed solution is tailored to your needs – from the installation, maintenance trough marketing, technical support and invoicing, we are managing all aspects of the project so you don’t have to.


We are currently seeking partners to extend our network in the housing, restoration and hotel industry as well as in other customer facing environment. Our solutions price range goes from low cost to free.


Contact Us Today and a representative will be glad to answer your question  and provide you with great idea for your business.

We are now Offering Secured WIFI Connection

Choosing a Secured environnement to connect all your devices to th Internet is a smart choice. When you suscribe to our Secured Private Network option, you will enjoy safe and fast Internet Browsing with our WPA2 Encrypted data and all your devices will be communicating within a secured private ip range. You will also be able to connect devices that does not have browser capability such as Apple TV, Game Console and Ip Camera. Order it when you suscribe to an Internet Package, Upgrade your current package from your client area or Contact Us to benifit from this new feature.

Focus on Security

Encrypted data, WPA2 Password, Private Ip Range

Multi Devices Connection

Connect All Your Devices:Game Consoles, AppleTV, ChromeCast, etc.

Managed Wireless Solutions

Auto Update, 24/7 Monitoring, Intrusion Prevention.

Secured WIFI Network

Only 9.95$/Month

    • Predefined Network name (SSID)
    • Predefined Password
    • WPA2 Encrypted Connection
    • 10 IP addresses on private range.
    • 24/7 Monitoring
    • Free Wireless Consulation
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